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5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Business

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At first glance, Pinterest seems like a place where you can find inspiration for things like craft projects, graphic designs, and other forms of media, and not necessarily a channel for business promotion. Many people fail to realize that looking for inspiration can also lead to discovering some other things, which has made brands like BuzzFeed, Burberry, and graphic design websites like Freepik- use Pinterest to boost publicity and drive traffic, and improve sales. With the right techniques and some of the ideas we will discuss, you can use the platform to grow your business.
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1. Offer Exclusive Content

Encourage prospective customers to associate with you on Pinterest and to visit your website by offering exclusive content. You can hold contests by asking clients to re-pin your things for every "section." The more things are re-pinned, the more buzz you will work around your items and your site. You can likewise offer selective limits or discounts by utilizing a QR code or different strategies. Also, create multiple pins for your blogs, products, and services. Get creative and keep your boards and pins fresh to attract new followers.
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2. Engagement

Pinterest is not really a social platform, its more of a search engine. People go to search for things they want to buy. But you can still engage with others. Set aside the effort to shape associations with different clients and create a network around your image. At the point when you see that clients have re-pinned your business or products, remark, and express gratitude toward them. Follow different influencers, and this will urge them to follow you consequently. Request audience input by urging them to re-pin their #1 items in your list. The more you can do to support client communication, the better relationship you will have with them, ultimately improving traffic to your website to market your digital product or services, helping to grow your business. If your digital product is an online course, learn more below about Pinterest and other platforms to market and sell your online courses.
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3. Additional Value

Savvy users can undoubtedly distinguish a profile that is planned to showcase items and services they are not interested in, and they are probably going to dodge these profiles. Attract more viewers by creating SEO friendly pins and boards. I suggest using long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords. For example instead of using keywords such as coaching, coach program, affordable coaching. Use "this is an affordable coaching program that will help you achieve your goals." Also try using the long tail keywords in the description of the pins and boards.

Offer a variety of content, pins, and visuals to motivate visits to your website landing page, product or service by offering them added value. Add pins to items and services that will benefit them, additionally, supplement your items and products. For instance, if you provide business coaching services, you can link to other pins they may also benefit from. If you happen to be a Web designer, you can create links from your pin to your website or other helpful tech devices.

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4. Share Your Products

The most obvious approach to utilize Pinterest is for your business is to only create pins for your own products or services to share with different consumers. Since you can make a few boards, it is ideal to assemble your pins into item classes for specific clients, for example, things for mothers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. Pinterest is also a great place to build traffic to your blog. Doing so makes a digital item inventory important to these buyers. You can also make a "best of" board, flaunting your most popular items. To boost your pin traffic when sharing products, join a group on Tailwinds. Tailwinds is a pin scheduling and analytics tool that automatically integrates with Pinterest. Group members will pin and share your pins and you are sure to increase your traffic and followers.

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5. Highlight Services

With Pinterest you are able to make a visual portfolio to highlight any services you that you offer, any scale. For instance, if you develop websites, you can pin a screen capture of a landing page. If you are an infographic architect, you can create pins of your work. If you offer different services, for example, counseling or freelancing photography, you can utilize Pinterest to share photographs that share a message about your work. For instance, monetary experts could create pins that focus on financial independence to reach their audience. You could also share your freebies to build trust and attract more traffic.

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Pinterest is not just for big brands, it is also for solopreneurs and small businesses. It is a great way to advertise your business for free to low cost. Pinterest can be a lucrative platform to show case your digital products and services.  

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Angela Flores is a Team Consultant at Think Design Ed and a frequent contributor to our blog, Think Design Today. She has a varied background in instructional design, leadership, and education. Angela has worked for mid-size and fortune 500 companies over the last decade. She enjoys blogging about her passions and spending time with her family.

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