7 Incredibly Useful Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Entrepreneurs can take cues from big brands and some small retailers. Email marketing is essential to your business because it allows you to share and build loyal brand advocates. I think about this every time I see the daily email from Bath & Body Works.😁 I'm always anxious to see what special deal they are offering. They do a great job of crushing the myth that brick-and-mortar businesses don’t need email marketing. All businesses need a solid email marketing strategy to build strong customer relationships and grow. 

Keep in mind that it takes time and lots of effort to build an email list, but the rewards are exponential. Think of this as one of the more challenging tasks that when done right, it results in quality leads and a rewarding relationship with your audience.  Here are seven incredibly useful and easy email marketing tips for small businesses.
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1. Create a Sales Funnel for Growth

Success with email marketing is really about having a highly engaged list. Bigger is not always better. If you have a huge list and don’t know them, it isn’t helpful for your business. Determine early, how email marketing will fit into your sales funnel. First, you have to define where email marketing fits into your sales funnel. Then, you can take advantage of your list and get the most value out of it.
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2. Get Subscribers to Join Your List

To get subscribers to join your list offer subscribers valuable content like a freebie or lead magnet that people can download. Your freebie could be a checklist or something else of high value that provides a quick solution for your audience. They should be able to download for free after providing their name and email address. This triggers an email sequence that you have strategically created to walk your prospect through your sales funnel. Offering valuable information and educational information from beginning to end. 

Do you want to learn more about how to grow your email list with an easy-to-follow strategy that will help get you more eyes on your products and services? Check out my Email Swipe File Template System. 
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3. Eye-Catching Sign-up Forms

Create eye-catching sign-up forms and place them on your site, social platforms, blogs, and anywhere your target audience may be searching for information. Make sure to include the name and email address fields. If you ask for more, you might see a dip in signups because people generally do not like parting with personal information. Be sure to include a call-to-action asking for people to sign-up. Place your sign-up form in multiple places on your website. You can add it to a bottom, sidebar, or even as an exit pop-up to catch people before they leave your website.
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4. Promote Wherever Your Audience Lives and Breathes

One of the more obvious places to promote signup to your email list is your website. Other suggested places are anywhere in addition to your site, tell people about your email list everywhere you talk to your audience. This could be in your social media profiles, including niche groups, like Facebook Groups. You can also promote your email list in your email signature, links in your emails, courses, products, etc. In other words, everywhere your content is shown to your audience. Although it is not suggested, another alternative is promotion through paid advertisement, for example Google Ads.
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5. Focus on Benefits

I know this sounds like something that’s very easy to do, but some entrepreneurs focus is misplaced on features, instead of benefits.  Focus on the benefits of your list. What is in it for them? Your target customer should find your list or the offer you are providing a juicy and irresistible offer. Tell them how your offer (lead magnet or freebie) will improve their life or business. A lead magnet is used to attract people to sign-up. It also does this magical thing called a “preview.” It gives them a glimpse of your expertise and the value they will get from being on your list. Content upgrades like blog posts, videos, or podcasts are great ways to share content that is free to your subscribers. It helps for them to see what kind of content they should expect from you. We created a free 7-day email course about the best ways to use your content. Strategic planning is a must so you don't waste any time or efforts with your email marketing.
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6. Use Valuable Content to Engage With Your Subscribers

Not all content is content to share. As with any business relationship you want to first establish the relationship and avoid throwing promotions at them, especially in the beginning. Offer free and helpful content in the beginning. These come in the way of helpful best practices and short cuts. Nurture, share, then share some more, building a strong relationship along the way. Gauge where their interests are by which links they click on in your email. Email marketing tools like Convertkit provides you with the information which links were clicked as well as your open rates.
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7. Reward with Exclusive Offers

After sharing helpful information and tips, you can begin to sharing your wonderful products and services. These could include special subscriber only offers or a launch of a new product or service. After your first few emails, you should start sharing a mixture of promotions and helpful information. Gradually start making offers and promoting products and services, such as online deals or coupons for your offline store. This process will quickly reveal what your subscribers like and don’t like. It’s also a great way to separate the people who are habitual freebie grabbers who have no intention of paying for anything you offer.

Those who purchase are leads who are likely to find something else you offer useful, and may purchase again. Those who are not interested will unsubscribe. That is why is always best to lead with the end in mind. Where are you taking the subscriber? What is the end goal to your email marketing strategy? Plan ahead and decide what offers and promotions your subscribers would benefit from the most.
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Building up your email marketing game is hard and rewarding work, but it will help you build a loyal audience who buys from you repeatedly. It takes consistency, metrics review, modifications, and persistence to create lasting relationships with your audience. Personal communication and knowledge sharing is the winning combination in building your business. 

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