5 Easy Strategies You Can Use to Turn Customer Profiles Into Success

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The most important step in making your marketing strategy effective is to know your customer. This seems simple enough, however, it is an easy misstep most people make. To be able to identify your customer, you must create your customer profile. Your customer profile will describe in detail your perfect customer. This profile will determine your target market and help you make better marketing decisions, so this should be done first. Here are five easy strategies you can use to turn customer profiles into success.

1. Know Your Business

Before you start to identify and understand your customer, you first need to understand every aspect of your business. Determine what you have to offer and how your potential solution can solve a customer's problem. Identify your value proposition or the “transformation” you have that will solve their problem.  If you already have customers who frequently buy from you, take a closer look to identify their profile to get more specifics when creating your customer profile for your target market. Plan ahead and think about where you want to go with your business and identify who your customer will look like. What value will you offer in a year, or the next? What transformation are you "able" to deliver to your customer? Answer these questions before your start creating the profile of your ideal customer.

2. Get an In-Depth Customer Profile

The most critical information needed in your customer profile is demographic and psychographic data. The demographic information describes your target audience. For example, location, age, economic status, language, etc. The psychographic information describes how your target customer thinks, behaves, and feels. This type of information is a little challenging to acquire. You will need to learn about your customer’s beliefs, values, and most importantly, the problems they have that you can solve. This information will help you identify any trends and quickly narrow your list so you can create the profile for your ideal customer. Do you need a Customer Profile Template?

3. Review the Data

To create an accurate customer profile be sure to collect and analyze data. Never make assumptions when it comes to creating your customer profile. This data comes from connections with your target market. Data can be obtained directly with customer surveys, follow-up calls, and emails. Customer polls also work well to give you solid data. My favorite indirect method to get data are metrics. This includes web traffic, trending products that you sell, and social media profiles and discussions. Website analytics shows you which page has the most traffic and where how long people are staying on these pages. This will help you determine if your content is attracting and engaging your visitors. This also helps you plan which content to share in your marketing strategy.

4. Leverage Social Media

With social media, you can easily identify the people who engage most with you and who view their profiles to gather demographic information. Take a look at their content and comments to find out what’s important to them and on their mind. Join online forums and groups that cover the topics that are directly related to your services or products. For example, Facebook groups are a great place to learn more about your target market so you can create a good customer profile. Participating in online groups not only gives you the chance to learn more about them, but you can also get involved in the conversations, answer questions, and see the questions people are asking. Create a landing page with Convertkit to attract your ideal customer. They have a great free option where you can create unlimited landing pages where you can easily offer your solution to their problem.

5. Use in Your Marketing Strategy

After you create the profile for your ideal customer, don't just file it away....use it! You’re now ready to use it start developing your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that creating your customer profile is not a “one and done” task. This is a process you may need to revisit if there are changes in your market, or if you’ve tweaked your business niche. This means that you should also continuously collect and analyze data from your target market so you can quickly make any needed changes. As your business changes and grows, so will your target market.

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