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Top Strategies to Go From Course to eBook for Beginners

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Many new entrepreneurial course creators struggle with creating content for an ebook from their first course. You’re not alone! Some veteran course creators often face the same challenges. Where should I start? Which content should I cut? Which content should I add to the ebook? Hey….how about repurposing content that you’ve already created? Yes, it is much easier to repurpose content that you know your audience is interested in, rather than start from scratch. Here we share our top strategies to go from course to ebook for beginners.

Repurpose Content 

Creating a course out of repurposed content into an ebook sounds easy, and it can be if you are strategic about which content you select. It’s not as simple as choosing a blog post, making minor changes, then saving it in a document. That would be magical. Your ebook needs to be organized using a standard eBook design format. Keep in mind the content needs to be in the correct sequence, pagination, spacing, and formatting. There are so many tools available online that help with plugins to write, design, and of course –publish your eBook.

When creating your ebook, make sure your ebook is professional with an eye-catching book cover that grabs your audience’s attention. Your content also should be well written. I highly suggest using Grammarly before finalizing anything.  Your ebook message should display content that is compelling, clear, and directly related to a solution to a problem. Do you want to know more about monetizing your content, learn more below.

The Design

The design of your eBook is important to attract your customers. With every consumable item, your ebook cover will be judged by the cover and how clear the title and messaging are communicated. To create the ebook cover, you can create it yourself, hire a designer, or purchase covers that have already been designed. Make sure your cover design is consistent with your branding, and keep in mind how future eBooks or courses might be linked in design.

It's no surprise that the eBook market is a bit overcrowded. Study your competition and make sure your cover will stand out. Take a look at the preview thumbnail images of the books in your category – what can you do to make your book stand out and pop? Proceed with caution if you use stock images.  You want to avoid having the same cover as someone else. Be creative and customize as much as possible while staying within your budget. 

If your ebook will only be available online, it is essential to customize as much of the design as possible. The text on the eBook covers usually have larger font sizes and should be more eye-catching than their print counterparts. Again, keep your brand in mind when selecting font sizes, types, and colors.

You can sell your ebook to your email subscribers using Converkit. It is an easy to use tool to offer your ebook to subscribers as a paid download. You could also beautiful landing pages to attract more customers.

Tools to Create Your eBook

Below are just a few tools available to create your ebook.


This is a free WordPress plugin that helps turn your online content into an eBook. The features include:
🎯 Drag and drop interface
🎯 Export into multiple formats
🎯 Create new project through WordPress admin area 
🎯 Organize eBook into and add blog posts


Don't have a course quite ready, but you do have content from a blog you can repurpose? With this free, open source, WordPress plugin you can print your blog and covert the posts to PDF and you can breakdown the content by converting portions of your blog to an ebook. The features includes:
🎯 Create a paper backup
🎯 Encourage your audience to share your content with friends
🎯 Saves you time by replacing embedded videos with a link, full video title, and screenshot
🎯 Places each post on a new page, resizes text, and removes hyperlinks

Other Tools

There are other tools available that can help you create your ebook. Go on Write is an eBook depository that has thousands of covers that you can choose from.  They also have some cool genres available. The fee for these range from $40-$500. Another tool is BookCoverZone. They have thousands of presdesigned book covers. The fee for these range from $70-$400. If these price ranges are too much, you can always design it yourself with free tools such as Canva
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Richard Ellis is a Team Consultant with Think Design Ed. He has 15 years of experience in instructional design, course development, and digital media design. His expertise is in optimizing engagement, video, audio, animation, and graphic design. He enjoys all things digital.
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