Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams

Nov 22 / Dr. Michelle Liu
It's no secret: because of the Covid-19 outbreak, almost everyone has shifted to online working. But that doesn't mean it has to be tedious! We're here to tell you some of the best practices to expedite your leadership. Ready? Let's jump right in!

Crafting a Daily Check-In Schedule

Now that everything is digital, you can't sit in your office waiting for your employee to give you an update on their projects. A better idea is to come with an easy and effective method to reach out to everyone. It may sound like a hassle, but it's a great way to stay connected with your team. Especially if you're the manager, you're going to have to ensure everyone is present. A good way of doing so is either to schedule a video conference call or separate one-on-one meetings.

Hiring The Perfect Team

Your team won't excel unless your team is motivated to excel. So, when it comes to obtaining new staff, keep an eye open for those who are self-motivated. Those that are self-motivated work extremely well remotely. An additional plus is onboarding those who have the same visions and carry the same values as you. Your similar understanding of goals and objectives will make it easier for you to carry the team to success.

Finding The Right Workflow

Overworking your employees means there's going to be a drop in their productivity. If your employees are tired, they won't be able to perform well. Take into consideration transitioning from in-person to remote working is an adjustment for you and for your team. Give them time to adjust to the new technology required and new workflow needed to work remotely. 

Expand On The Goals

If you really want to work as a team and be an effective remote leader, you need to keep your employees up-to-date with your plans, goals, and expectations. Clarify the responsibilities and delegate tasks without micromanaging.  Now that we're basically inhaling technology, why not make the most out of it? You can use different tools like Zoom, Google Meet, etc., to help your team understand goals, projects, and how they can impact your company's success. Once they have something to move towards, their productivity will skyrocket!

Bringing It All Together

The sudden movement from working in a traditional office setting to telecommuting  has changed how we work. Just because you're working remotely now doesn't mean your team's productivity has to go down. You can put strategies into place that will improve your remote leadership skills. Check out strategies you can begin to use with your remote teams today.

  • Implement remote collaboration tools and what works best for your team 
  • Try out a virtual workspace to improve social interaction and human connection
  • Keep employee mental health support and well-being in mind as you transition to telecommuting
  • Encourage your team by providing the same feedback in virtual meetings as you would in person

If you have any questions about working with remote teams and want to learn more about transitioning to remote teams, contact us HERE.  

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