How to Build a Signature Offer to Successfully Grow Your Brand

Branding can be tricky, especially for new entrepreneurs who are building their businesses. Selecting brand color schemes, logos, tag lines are all critical decisions that have to be made. Once you’ve made these visually cosmetic choices, but still important decisions, your focus should be on creating your signature offer. A great way to build your brand quickly is to create a signature offer; this is relevant whether you sell services or products. This is an offer you’ll first be known for, so make sure it is a solution for a customer problem you've used in the past to get results. You can package it with other complementary items to increase the value.
Here are some tips for how you can build a signature offer that has the potential to lead to multiple streams of income.

Why Create a Signature Offer?

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There are several reasons businesses choose to create signature products or services. First, it’s a better approach than randomly selecting a product or service. When you start a business, you want to set yourself up for success so that you can avoid the costly mistake of spending time on an offer that will not sell. The service or product you offer should highlight your expertise. As your customers use your offer and see the results of the promise of your offer, this builds your reputation as an expert. Even those who don't purchase your offer, you’ll see how being known for a product or service will have a positive impact on your brand and business.

If you put the work into creating an offer that is transformational for your customers it will make your offer become synonymous with your brand. You'll have this one offer that will be hugely successful, then this will help you highlight your brand and organically reach audiences filled with your ideal customer. Once you create your first signature offer you can then expand into other income streams.
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Offers & Branding Essentials

Your offer has to be good and exemplify your brand and your business mission. The offer must not only be irresistible, but it also must provide unique value and solve a problem for your audience. Your offer should also be sure to help your customer achieve the expected results the offer promised. With this in mind create your offer with care and avoid rushing. Remember your offer represents you and your brand, so do your due diligence in understanding your ideal customer’s problems so you can solve them. Your offer can either be created to be consistent with your brand or used to recreate your brand. Be intentional with every offer you put in front of your audience.

Initial Steps to Building Your Offer

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Start by selecting something you do well. What can you discuss, explain, or do with very little effort that could provide a solution for your customer? It should be something you want to be known for. Think of it as your signature piece of art for your business, when someone sees it, they know it was something you created. Someone can benefit from your offer. It's just a matter of discovering who.

Decide how you want to deliver your offer that will be the best format for your potential customers. Will you provide additional resources for them to ensure their success? This could be an ebook, instructions, video demo, etc. Select which marketing strategies you will use to reach your potential customers. Decide early in the process which unique benefit will be the star of your marketing strategy. Also plan how you will follow up with your customers after they purchase your signature off. Make it a priority to follow up with them to make sure they received the results they expected and any feedback they are willing to share.

Add Support to Rock Your Offer

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When you create your offer, build it in to make it understandable for your ideal customer. Your offer may also be available to people of several different demographics, age groups, etc—and some may not be as technologically advanced than others. In case anyone gets stuck while using your offer, make sure you are they to help them. Give your customers a way to contact you or one of your team members so someone can reply to them quickly. After all the work you put into creating your offer, do not let terrible customer service or assistance keep you from positive feedback or a good review.

Remember your signature offer is there to build your brand, so plan for the unthinkable and be prepared with possible solutions. If you find there is a point where your customers have difficulty, consider making changes or including more instructions or information for clarity. The best option here would be to automatically include additional resources.
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A signature offer is the perfect way to start an online business, elevate your brand, grow your business, and potentially earn multiple streams of income. Expand your offer into additional products and services to meet your market’s needs and cross-sell or upsell other related offers.
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