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Monetize your content, expertise, and skills into a packaged course that is ready to sell in
The Course Creator Workshop 

  • Do you need an easy way to show your authority in your field while building a scalable business? 
  • Are you tired of piecing together freebies and Googling how to package your content and sell it?

Create and launch your course in less than 4 weeks!

 Join a community of creators just like you!

 Get our exclusive list of top-5 platforms and other alternatives you can use to create and sell your course without breaking the bank!

 Save time and get access to course types & course templates so you can quickly build and sell your course.

 Get the pricing strategy that sells your course consistently. 

 We show you how to segment your audience so you can offer your amazing course only to premium prospects.

 Quickly launch and sell your course with confidence and ease!

Package, Position, and Transform Your
Content into a Profitable Online Course!


4 Modules—15 Lessons Templates, Checklists

You'll get a in-depth training with step-by-step instructions so you can get to the finish line in no time. You get additional support to help you quickly build your packaged course that includes a checklist, swipe file, free tools, and done-for-you templates so you can create and launch your course faster. 


From the comfort of your favorite couch (or coffeeshop).

With unlimited access to the Course Creator Workshop curriculum and online training platform, you can work at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. 


To monetize your content.

Perfect for content creators, coaches, consultants, bloggers, and online business builders who want to monetize their content, knowledge, and skills and create a course with ease.

By the end of this workshop, you will have...

Identify Value Proposition

determine the problem you will solve.

Finalize Your Topic

select topic , create objectives, and outline

Create Audience Connections

identify your audience with content marketing in mind

Finalize Course "Type"

select course type from templates

Select Your Price

price course to sell using pricing strategies

Setup Your 6-Figure System

content marketing and sales funnel system 

Select Platform or Autoresponder

choose your course platform, marketplace, or autoresponder

Finalize Content and Tools

finalize content and automation tools

Launch Your Course!

go live



Participants Completed Their Course
"I approached Think Design Ed because I needed to take my email course to the next level. I wanted to provide a way for my customers to get a full view of our products and services using an onboarding tutorial. The short cuts, templates, and resources this course provided was invaluable. I saved so much time! I have converted over 10 existing customers to our new services in just one week! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to save time and money creating a course or product tutorial for their business."
Mary B. 
Life Coach

Meet Your Facilitator

Sherry is an award-winning curriculum and instructional design executive with a proven record of success across both business and academic fields. She is an entrepreneur who has built a strong team of experienced consultants, business coaches, and instructional designers at Think Design Ed who are creative, strategic thinkers. Over the last 20 years, she has created hundreds of courses for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Her focus is on helping people turn their passions into a thriving business. 
Featured facilitator
“It's been an amazing experience seeing so many people create and launch their courses in this workshop.”

Sherry—The Biz Starter🚀

Workshop Facilitator

What's included...

The Course Creator Workshop is a "zero to launch" workshop to help you
package, position, and transform your content into a course.


In this module, you are going to get clarity with your value proposition, course topic, audience, and pricing. You're going to outline your course, select the pricing strategy, and select the best platform and/or autoresponder to deliver your course.  


In this module, you'll learn how to transform your content into bite-size chunks that will give the most value and transformation to your customer. You will also finalize your content and use the templates and tools to quickly build your course.  


This module gives you the chance to design and share a draft of your course for feedback, and address ways to improve your draft. This is where you get the support of the community and facilitator so you deliver the best version of your course that will grow your business.


Tiny text.
This module will show you how to package, market, and profit with your course! You will refine and finalize your course, price, and positioning. You will get a review of your course with feedback with strategies to skyrocket your conversions for a successful launch. 

You don't have to do it alone. Get the support and additional help you need in the workshop to monetize your content and finish your course.

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See what other course creators are saying....

"When I first heard about creating a course for my business, I thought it sounded super-convenient. But I was nervous about how long it would take for me to create the course, sell it, and make a profit. This workshop really gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done. I have already created the first 3 modules of my course, and it has only been 2 weeks since I started. I'm so happy I took this workshop, it provided me with a step-by-step approach to taking my existing content, adding more and building a solid course for my business." 
Jesse r.—Tax Accountant
"I completed the workshop and I loved the support O got for my course. The video feedback review really helped me regroup, focus and take action when I got stuck. I turned the content I had in previous  resources I created for my customers and repackaged it into a my course within the 4 weeks.  The detailed instructions, pricing strategies, video and audio recordings are amazing! I especially loved the case scenarios with different business types that was included. The course templates, checklists, and sales funnel really helped me save time finishing my course so I could launch.  I feel so relieved  I discovered this workshop. and finished my course" 
Trina h.—web designer


You Get the Bonus Course Checklist, Creation Toolkit & Course Sales Funnel Blueprint to Jump Start Your Course Launch!

Bonuses ($269 Value)
Course Checklist & Toolkit
Course sales funnel 

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who is this workshop for?

The Course Creator Workshop is a foundational workshop. It's for solopreneurs and small business owners who are getting started with course creation as well as those who have created courses for their business before but are overwhelmed with creating a course and are less than enthusiastic about the results they've received.

What happens after I click "buy"

You get instant access to the first module of the course as well as the Course Community. The next module will be dripped out the next week. The content release schedule is setup for your success. We want you to walk away with a completed course that is ready to launch!

How long will I have to complete the workshop?

This is a self-paced workshop. You have lifetime access to the course as well as any updates that are made! All you need is a mobile phone or laptop with internet to access the course.

Why should I create an online course?

I'm sure you've heard that online courses are in high demand right now. The elearning industry is growing at a fast rate, so you do not want to miss the boat! Creating an online course is a way to build a product where you can create repeated passive income, whether you are in the office, on the beach, or from the comfort of your home.

Can I use content I already have?

Yes, you can use any content you may already have from your blogs, newsletters, ebooks, etc. In Module 2, you will walk through how to repurpose and package your content for your course. 

I have a brick and mortar business, can I use this workshop?

Most businesses have an online presence and reach their audience via email, website, and social media. So yes, your audience is already online and can benefit from your online course.

Are there refunds?

Yes. If you complete the workshop and take the steps but don't see results, you can contact us within 7 days for a refund. While we can't guarantee that this workshop will make you a millionaire by 2025, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the content, workbook, guides, and templates as well as the time and peace of mind it will save you! You will also need to show that you gave the course creation strategies covered a try, created, launched, and marketed your course as well as as gave it time to grow so your course could be successful.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Total Workshop is Valued at ($1,289)

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