Essentials to Create an Online Course to Grow Your Business

Do you want to offer more to your customers? Are you tired of hustling for your next sale? Are you tired of sending the same email course to your blog subscribers? Grow an engaged audience and help others in a meaningful way. In this free self-paced course I’ll show you how to create an online course to scale and grow your business. Learn strategies from an experienced instructional designer and business owner.

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What Will We Cover?

Scaling Your Business for Growth

We'll review how creating an online course can scale your business for growth.

Selecting a Course Topic

Not sure about your course idea? We'll go over how to select a profitable course topic that provides value to your audience.

Identifying Your Audience

We'll review how to build your reputation as an expert and build a new audience to provide a solution and share your services.

Planning and Outlining Content

We'll review how to outline your content and create learning objectives and lessons that will engage your audience.

You'll learn.....

The importance of productizing to your service-based business.

How creating a course can scale your business.

The best practices to identify and build your audience for your online course.

How to create a topic for your online course for your business.

The steps to create an outline for your online course.

How to set and achieve goals to create an online course for your business.

What people are saying about this course!❤

This mini-course helped me take the first serious steps to growing my business with an online course. I can't wait until the full course is available! 
JenNifer f.
I've been thinking about this for some time now. The information given in the course answered my inital questions about creating an online course. I'm all in now! 
Liz H.
This course really makes the process seem manageable. Just knowing that I don't need to start from scratch is great. I've already pre-registered for the full course.
Mike P.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Perez

Dr. Shireese Perez owned and operated an Allstate Insurance office in Illinois several years ago. She quickly expanded her office incorporating real estate transactions. When training her staff to cross sell mortgage refinances through Allstate's subsidiary, she discovered her passion for learning and development. Fast-forward 5 years she sold her book of business back to Allstate and negotiated a consulting contract with select State Farm agencies to design courses and train their staff.

Dr. Perez also became a continuing education provider for licensed title agents in 7 states with her own consulting firm headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. She has a Ph.D. in Learning Management, M.Ed. in Instructional Design & Technology and a M.A. in Business. Over the years she's had several roles at learning institutions across the country and continues to provide consulting services globally. Her unique dual background in instructional design for business and education provides a unique perspective for the firm's clients who are entrepreneurs, trainers, business professionals, and K-12 educators.

Dr. Perez is an award winning curriculum and instructional design executive with a proven record of success across both business and academic fields. She has built a strong team of experienced consultants, business coaches, and instructional designers at Think Design Ed who are creative, strategic thinkers. She promotes an inclusive business and educational based culture facilitating knowledge sharing and elearning best practices!
Patrick Jones - Course author

Are you ready to create your work from anywhere business?

"This course helped me build an orientation course for my clients for my coaching business. My conversion rates  for other services have increased and now I have more time to focus on maintaining clients rather than chasing new ones!"

-Yolani L.

"I  earned $2,000 with my freelance photography course within the first week. And it is consistently selling! I completed the free course and was so glad I enrolled in the full version of this course because of the endless resources and practical strategies provided. It was life changing for my business!"

-Nikki T.

FAQ'S About This Course 

Why is this course free?

I'm sure you've enrolled in free webinars and workshops before, but the majority of the workshops was used to lock you into a space for a sales pitch. I've been there before.

I made this a self-paced mini-course with no live webinars with fake chat and no 40 minute sales pitch via Zoom. Instead helpful content is provided to get you started on your course creation journey.

How long will I have to complete the course?

The course self-paced and you have lifetime access to the course as well as any updates that are made! All you need is a mobile phone or laptop with internet to access the course.

What is in the course?

This mini-course has 5 self-paced modules.
  • Module 1: Productize Your Services
  • Module 2: Scale Your Business
  • Module 3: Course Topic Selection
  • Module 4: Identify Your Audience
  • Module 5: Outlining Your Course

Why should I create an online course?

I'm sure you've heard that online courses are in high demand right now. The elearning industry is growing at a fast rate, so you do not want to miss the boat! Creating an online course is a way to build a product where you can create repeated passive income, whether you are in the office, on the beach, or from the comfort of your home.

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Let's Transform Your Knowledge and Expertise into a Profitable Online Course!

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