Essentials to Create an Online Course to Grow Your Business

Looking to grow your business this year? Do want to create an online course for your clients? Where should you begin? What should be the topic of the course? How do you market and price your courses? These are just some of the questions we'll answer for you. In this self-paced course we will show you step-by-step, how to create an online course to get premium course sales for your business. 
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Let's Turn Your Knowledge and Expertise into a Profitable Online Course

What's included?

Scale your business and offer something new to your clients! Also includes the 
 Ultimate Course Creation Checklist and more!
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Grow Your Business 

This is a great course for entrepreneurs, business coaches, public speakers, photographers, independent bookkeepers, or any other service based business. 

Expert Instructional Design Advice ($189 value)

A bonus lesson included on instructional design secrets to deliver the best learning experience to your audience.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Get detailed step-by-step instructions to create an online course for your business.

BONUS - Pricing Strategies ($49 value)

Learn best practices to create a pricing strategy to sell your online course.

BONUS - Course Types & Templates ($59 value)

We feature specific course types and course templates to help you quickly build your online course.

Course Access

  • Discussion Forum
  • Self-Paced
  • Instant Lifetime Access

BONUS - Free Review & Personalized Video Feedback ($90 value)

Enrollment includes free review and video feedback of your course by an expert Instructional Designer!
videos & audio recordings
PDF Checklists & guides
Free personalized video feedback

Dr. Perez

Dr. Perez is an award winning curriculum and instructional design executive with a proven record of success across both business and academic fields. She is an entrepreneur who has built a strong team of experienced consultants, business coaches, and instructional designers at Think Design Ed who are creative, strategic thinkers. Over the last 18 years, she has created hundreds of courses for companies including Statefarm Insurance, Eagle Bank, Burke & Herbert Bank and dozens of real estate law firms and title companies. Her focus is on helping business owners create a profitable course that will provide an engaging learning experience for their audience using elearning best practices!

Ready for results like this?

Mary B.

Life Coach
"I approached Think Design Ed because I needed to take my email course to the next level. I wanted to provide a way for my customers to get a full view of our products and services using an onboarding tutorial. The short cuts, templates, and resources this course provided was invaluable. I saved so much time! I have converted over 10 existing customers to our new services in just one week! I highly recommend this course to any one who wants to save time and money creating a course or product tutorial for their business"

Jesse R.

Tax consultant
"When I first heard about creating a course for my business,, I thought it sounded super-convenient. But I was nervous about how long it would take for me to create the course, sell it, and make a profit. This course really gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done. I have already created the first 3 modules of my course, and it has only been 2 weeks since I started. I'm so happy I took this course, it provided me with a step-by-step approach to taking my existing content, adding more and building a solid course for my business." 

Trina H.

Web Designer
"I completed the course and I loved the results and response I received from my customers. It's obvious a lot of time and effort went in to creating this course. The detailed instructions, pricing strategies, video and audio recordings are amazing! I especially love, love, love the case scenarios with different business types that was included. The course templates, checklists, and guidebooks provided are so well-done that if you only enrolled in the course  for those, it would still be worth it. I feel so relieved since I discovered Essentials to Create an Online Course to Grow Your Business."

Roberta Y.

"Think Design Ed is responsible for the best results I have ever received from my online course and digital products. After completing your course. My  sales were 42% higher than what I've gotten with previous methods for delivering my speaking services. Oh, and I created the course and digital products in just a couple of weeks, rather than the months that some of my peers have taken. Based on my sales alone, I'd say this course is worth every penny."
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